will insert additional declarations immediately

afx_msg BOOL GetSelected();

afx_msg OLE_COLOR GetSelectColor();

afx_msg void SetSelectColor(OLE_COLOR nNewValue);

afx_msg OLE_COLOR GetTextColor();

afx_msg void SetTextColor(OLE_COLOR nNewValue);

afx_msg long GetSleep();

afx_msg void SetSleep(long nNewValue);

afx_msg BOOL DoChangeTimer();



afx_msg void AboutBox();

// Event maps


void FireSelect(BOOL IsSelected)

{FireEvent(eventidSelect,EVENT_PARAM(VTS_BOOL), IsSelected);}

void FireTick(long ltick)

{FireEvent(eventidTick,EVENT_PARAM(VTS_I4), ltick);}



// Dispatch and event IDs


enum {


dispidShape = 1L,

dispidSelected = 2L,

dispidSelectColor = 3L,

dispidTextColor = 4L,

dispidSleep = 5L,

dispidDoChangeTimer = 6L,

eventidSelect = 1L,

eventidTick = 2L,





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#endif // !defined(AFX_MYCTRLCTL_H__49E2F38D_B48D_11D3_A2B0_00A0C955FA9E__INCLUDED)